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Skogssällskapet in the Baltics

Skogssällskapet has been managing and owning forest in Latvia since 2002.

Skogssällskapet in the Baltic States acts as an agent and manager for forest properties in Latvia.

The operation in Latvia, which began in 2002, has grown rapidly in recent years. Today, Skogssällskapet conducts operations over much of the country, and manages 75,000 hectares of land for around 50 clients. Skogssällskapet also owns and manages 13,000 hectares of forest in Latvia. The land that Skogssällskapet has purchased was forest land or unutilised agricultural land that, over the years, has been planted and converted to productive forest land. Today we have two offices in Latvia.

The business operation in the Baltic States is run with the same objective as that in Sweden, i.e. helping forest owners attain sustainable management of forest and land, while considering all the values of the forest and land.

Skogssällskapet AB owns 100 percent of the companies in the Baltic States. The managing director for the operation in the Baltic States is Tomas Landers.